Christian morality is alive without church attendance

It was only some of my cells If I whip out a pistol and shoot someone, no court will acquit me of murder on the grounds that less than 1% of the cells in my body participated in the act. Time to square up to the reality that humanity is comprised of nations. Nations are no more a mathematical sum of their citizens than an individual human being is a sum of his cells.







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Blood Curdling

The Incredible Six Hours and What could have been The six years following Israel’s amazing victory in the Six Day War were marked by haughty bravado which made laughing stock of the Arab armies. *How many gears does an Egyptian tank have?*Answer: Five. Four reverse gears and one forward in case they’re attacked in the rear. Haw, haw, haw… The 1973 Yom Kippur War exacted the price in blood for the pomposity.

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Get Out While the Getting is Good

The scene repeated ad infinitum. The crunch always comes at the peak of assimilation when the outlook is rosy and “it can’t happen again”, but always does. The graph of the rising percentage of the world’s Jews in Israel ain’t goin’ to do a mid-course nose dive. The early comers will suffer less






Here We Go Again

This is only the first trickle. It will swell to a surge (see Shir HaMa’alot) like the previous waves of Aliyah. Why? Because as more and more Jews leave, there’s a point when the remaining Jews look to their left and look to their right and say to themselves, “Hey, I’m not going to be a friayer (sucker) being the last one to remain” and the floodgates open. Apropos, we might still be around to see the mass Aliyah of millions of American Jews.





Wild Quick Look & stuck boot

Emergency paddle when up the creek Scary System disk kept running out of space. Found that /var/vm, where the swap files appear was filling up with loads of swap files. Culprit was Quick Look whose memory usage was spiraling out of control, gobbling up all available system memory and obviously, forcing swapping in its wake. /var/folders had grown to over 2.4 GB. Apparently resulted from some corrupt cache file, but who cares?


Internet Outer Space

Computing is a repeating cycle of rapid development inevitably followed by a technological explosion which overwhelms all that was seen as technology’s cutting edge. Mainframe computing in it’s time was an expanding bubble which came to be encompassed within the newly exploding bubble of personal computing. Bubbles in Bubbles Internet was a rerun of the scenario to PCs just as mobile devices did to the Web - concentric expanding technology bubbles, each encompassing its inner bubbles.


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Wireless RDMA


Software Networking

Software Defined Networking End of Networking Abstract: Networking can be freed from the quagmire of constricting protocols by running it as application software in loadable user-space memory. Multi-core CPUs, on-the-fly clusters and functional-concurrent programming languages turn this into a practical reality. User-space networking means the end of networking. Networking will simply become software. Protocol compilers will boost user-space networking to new heights. The “Protocol Wall” “The Protocol Wall” prevents Networking, usually an externally provided service, bound to conforming with rigid protocols on one side from becoming User-programmable software on the other side.


Yitzhak Bar Geva About pages are no place for introverts like myself. Professional qualifications on LinkedIn. I’ve been a non-conforming adventurer from my earliest days in the U.S., tinkering with vacuum tubes and antennas back in the 1950’s while the kids on the block played ball. My passion for computing began in 1966 and has never waned. I made Aliyah (literally Going up) to Israel at age 21 to become a combat soldier, a settler and raise an incredible family, enamored with software throughout.